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Tonight 1

The restlessness continues, fueled by the oppressive heat that keeps us indoors most of the day. Basil still takes two naps, so that keeps us close to home too. He’s still afraid of the water, so the swimming pool is no fun. A storm finally blew through tonight, dropping rain for just 10 minutes but cooling things enough to enjoy being outdoors again. The smell of dried summer grass wet from the rain reminds me of the fog-drenched hills in Northern California right now. The curtains swoop and billow in the wind, and the air feels cooler than it has in days.

There was a visit to Great Grandma tonight. Raindrops on my bare arms as we walked to her house, a ground floor apartment down a narrow cobblestone street in the old town. She has lived there for over 70 years and her house is full of dearly loved china, photos at toddler level, and old-fashioned fans that whip around and entice small fingers to explore. Needless to say, I spent the visit managing Basil, trying to let him look and climb but not break anything. The best was opening and closing the shutter, looking out at the street below, saying “hi” to people passing by.

You parents: how do/did you manage to enjoy visits to non-childproof grandparents’ houses with toddlers? I feel like I need to plan for it like I would plan for a flight, filling my purse with snacks and entertainment. Otherwise, I spend the visit chasing him around telling him “no” like today, and where’s the fun in that?

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  1. Megsie

    07/09/2013 at 9:29 pm

    First of all: That photo! He is adorable!

    Second: Hooray for RAIN and cool breezes!

    Third: I didn’t enjoy visits to any houses (my parent’s included) that were not child friendly. It was too hard, and I couldn’t focus on anything but my kids. I continually had to stop them from doing anything they set out to do. It is hard enough to have a conversation when kids are HAPPY. Ugh. I think your idea of a basket of goodies is the best one I have heard. I hope it works, you could package it and make millions! Kids do grow up, and then they just sulk and look at you like, “How long to we have to stay here in this place where we can’t move?” At least they don’t break anything then.


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