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Low coastal fog and chilly temperatures 2

I know much of the country is suffering through a heat wave right now, and many places have a serious drought. This is a huge problem and one that should make me feel grateful to be where I am.

But instead I want some heat. Want to sweat and drink tall, cold glasses of lemonade in a sundress. That’s summer! It’s the natural order of things.┬áTemperatures in the ’50s all week in JULY is something else entirely.

It’s COLD, for one. And dark. And oh so depressing. The wind whips by constantly making me shiver in jeans and a WOOL sweater if I open too many windows. In the morning, the brown wood of our back porch is covered in puddles from a night of dripping fog.

Yes, this is currently the top reason I can’t wait to move – anywhere without the constant fog! And why I can’t wait to be in Spain for a month with the in-laws and sweltering 90-degree days.

So for now, I hope you’ll comment with links to your summer blog posts so I can vicariously feel the heat while nestled under a blanket working on my dissertation in SF. And if you’re in a place with a drought, I hope it rains soon!


  1. Megsie

    07/12/2011 at 6:17 pm

    OOOOOOHHHHH! That is just awful! It was like that here in June. It is depressing, isn’t it? It certainly has turned to summer here with the hot, hot, hot and the humidity. I do have a couple of posts up if you want to peruse them…with flowers? One especially I want your opinion on!

    I sure hope it warms up! California is supposed to be a WARM place, for goodness sake. Maybe it was because you were making quilts? And the weather wanted to inspire more of them? Who knows. It is crazy!

  2. cynthia newberry martin

    07/23/2011 at 1:22 pm

    Wish we could switch places : )


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