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Born Cherry Willow in the dry heat of a California summer, the fourth of six children. Raised eating sprouts, making dolls, sewing clothes, climbing on rooftops, and reading constantly. I now live in San Francisco with my Spanish husband and our baby boy Basil. An on-and-off blogger since 2007, I now post weekly, usually on Tuesdays. Daily Fieldnotes is a place to write and remember, to (be) inspire(d), to ignite creativity in my life.

I love comments of all kinds, and learning about others’ creative projects and writing; mostly I love connecting with other peoples’ stories through the world of blogging. So thank you for stopping by, please comment and share a link to your own blog!

Email: dailyfieldnotes{at}gmail{dot}com.

A note about photos: If you would like to use any of the photos or art on this blog, please contact me at the above email and ask permission. Thank you!


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